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  • Smart Cluster – StartUP HUB
    association of legal entities

  • PhDr. Miroslav POLÁČEK
    Executive director

  • Headquarters:
    Matúškovo 913, 925 01
    Ružinovská 3, 821 02 Bratislava
    Dolné Hony 23, 949 01 Nitra

  • +421 903 720 048

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Smart Klaster - StartUP HUB came to Taiwan

Our members participated in the international conference 2023 Smart City Summit & Expo X 2050 Net Zero City Expo in Taipei, which took place from the 28th of March to the 1st of April 2023.

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The Educational Conference StartUP HUB: Evaluation

The first Educational Conference StartUP HUB organized by the Smart Klaster – StartUP HUB, held on the 16th and 17th of February 2023 in Hotel Solisko at Štrbské Pleso, was aimed at increasing the professional level of members of the cluster and partners.

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The Educational Conference StartUP HUB: Invitation

We would like to inform you, that on the 16th and 17th of February 2023 will be held the Educational Conference StartUP HUB organized by a Smart Klaster – StartUP HUB at Hotel Solisko, Štrbské Pleso, intended for cluster members. Moreover, representatives of innovative startups and entrepreneurs are also invited with the opportunity to present their ideas and products.

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UnderHigh, s.r.o.

Consulting services in the field of business and management. Comprehensive economic consulting. Preparing of strategic documents, analyses and surveys.

FLASH Consulting, s.r.o.

Complex project management and consulting services. Preparing of strategic documents, analyses, surveys, management of business activities, as well as management and development of human resources.

1970, s.r.o.

Grower's fruit distillery. Comprehensive professional advice in the production of wort and high-quality distillates. Measurement of sugar content and pH (acidity) of wort. Sensory adjustment of low-quality distillates.

ABEL plus s.r.o.

Primary agricultural production focused on the nucleous breeding of goats, a dairy breed of white short-haired goats of the Saanen type, and the processing of goat's milk into products with a wide range of uses.

AEPress s.r.o.

Publishing house with a focus on scientific and specialist publications, professional magazines, and monographs. Consulting related to editorship and publishing activities.


Support for education, research, and dissemination of scientifically proven knowledge in the field of psychology. Professional support for psychologists working in healthcare. Partnership cooperation with other professional companies, institutions, or associations.


Production of dairy products, nutritional supplements, and bath additives from goat colostrum. Provision of services in agriculture and horticulture.

AIRPAL s.r.o.

Creation of websites, e-shops, e-marketing (Google, Facebook, Instagram), web design. Customized programming of applications.

BizEurope s.r.o.

Comprehensive project consulting and professional development of projects for companies and municipalities to draw finance from EU structural funds.

HC s.r.o.

Program budgeting, strategic planning, project processing for EU structural funds. Comprehensive advisory and consulting activities in the field of marketing and creating analyses.

JP-AUTO, s.r.o.

Professional sales and authorized service of Jaguar Land Rover vehicles with an authorized paint and tinsmith's workshop for Jaguar Land Rover vehicles.


The largest manufacturer of plastic components in Slovakia with many years of experience in the field of plastic injection, EPS production, assembly and other secondary and supporting activities.

Minerva Accounting Services, s.r.o.

Complex accounting and auditing activities, bookkeeping, tax consulting. Professional activities of business, organizational and economic consultants.

Nadácia H.A. Hayeka

Advocacy of liberal economic thinking. A platform for the exchange of opinions of experts and the wider public in the field of the economic and social sphere.

NOVOTA ART, s.r.o.

Comprehensive renovation of both contemporary and historical buildings. Restoration work and monument restoration. Architectural-historical research, artistic-craft restoration and creation, complex implementation of interiors and exteriors.

Option, s.r.o.

Consulting services in the field of business and management. Comprehensive economic advising and servicing. Advertising and marketing services.

PEDAL Consulting, s.r.o.

Association of legal entities in the field of innovation, creation of effective partnerships, education, and exchange of know-how. Creation of business plans. Comprehensive project consultancy.

Smart Klaster SlovakiaTech

Association of legal entities in the field of innovation, creation of effective partnerships, education, and exchange of know-how for the purpose of connecting private and academic spheres.